Strict Diaper Education And Dirty Sisters
The patient showed himself to be extremely inept: He right away began to flirt and fumble with the two sisters. He is quite the fool and was caught, of course, by Sister Superior. Now he will face many serious verbal humiliations, extremely thick long-lasting packages?

The Boss Lady reaches her peak performance and now her disloyal sisters must be punished. Sister Heidi has to be put into the cage, after she had simply emptied her bladder while being soundly beaten on her bottom. Cindy's punishment was to receive an enema and then she is fixed to the gynaecological chair and wrapped in broad nappies to contemplate what she had done.

And, then slowly, they all begin to dance to Sister Superiors weird tune, except Cindy ? This rotten bitch really finds a quite corner where she can piss and masturbate completely uninhibitedly she pulls open her diaper, it seems that her yellow stream?

Plus bonus-material: The day after; A guided tour of the clinic and contact details for you to arrange your own visit to the clinic. Nearly 1,5 h of competent diaper education, female dominance and clinic scenes spiced up with these hot sisters!

You get 3 movies with a total running time of 84 minutes (01:40 h).