The first two episodes in this movie Celine masturbates in her wet diaper using baby cream and an anal plug. Her hands glide slowly over her oily body, over her lecherous diapered ass and under her pink pvc-foil panty until her fingers open the wet diaper. She is sucking and moans heavily until she reaches an explosive orgasm. Celine is cleaning her apartment wearing just a diaper and a pantyhose whilst sucking the dummy. But cleaning is not the only thing happening. Finally her hands enter the warm and wet zone?

The third episode is about the  jealous sisters. Pebbles loves the feel of her wet diapers especially when Mami lovingly takes care of her. Franziska cannot stand missing mummy's personal affections any longer, so she becomes a bed-wetter. Only the urologist can find a cure. Dr. Strohman examines her carefully. He prescribes wearing diapers for at least 3 weeks. 90 minutes of diaper eroticism, Adult Baby fetish and a hint of clinic eroticism (01:30 h).