Diapers, potty training and floods of pee in yellow latex!

Kittie wets her diaper without control. To solve this problem finally she visits Anna for an intensive potty training. But Anna is not amused about her unannounced visit. In the sense of fairness Kittie has to give her a strong lick job. Both Anna and Kittie love wet games, so they come closer. Anna empties the potty in their rubber bed! They pee into bed and into diapers until you will see lakes of pee everywhere. Finally Anna has a surprise for Kittie?

Later on Anna examines Kittie who still has no control over her bladder. But Anna cannot make out any physical problem and wants to prescribe drugs to Kittie. But that girl finds a charming way out. Bonus: making of + private interview with the girls, photo-show, outtakes and mishaps (really funny!).

Running time: 1,2 h