Mary can't stop being the naughty baby she is. She extensively masturbates in her soaking wet diaper piddling all over herself. At breakfast it happens again: she simply lets it all run. But punishment follows promptly: Little Mary has to wear mummy’s used nappies. And mummy’s nappies are really soggy! In the exciting close-ups you can imagine the fresh and crinkly as well as the smelly soggy diapers. Beside the punishment there are loving moments of affection. Little Mary is fed, cleaned, changed and is sent to play. This movie is a hot declaration of love between two girls who are deeply addicted to the fetish.

Bonus movie 1: Hot Heather: she ordered a clueless callboy for a fuck in diapers!

Bonus movie 2: André's treatment in Studio La Charité. Exciting moments on the gynaecologist’s chair with three nurses around! The examination includes fixation, anaesthesia, catheterization and… .

You receive 3 movies with a total playing time of: 1,25h